• Sugarcane Bagasse Product Manufacturers in China

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    Sugarcane Bagasse Food Contact Products

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    Sugarcane bagasse is what remains of sugarcane stalk after processing. Today, sugarcane bagasse is used to manufacture a wide range of products – including kitchen products, packaging, construction products, and more.

    In this guide, we explain what sugarcane bagasse is, list products made of sugarcane bagasse, molding processes, and more. We also list some of China’s leading manufacturers of various sugarcane bagasse products.

    Supplier List

    • Shanghai Timeco Industrial
    • Shanghai Youngpac Biotech
    • Hengda Industries
    • Zhejiang Zhongxin Environmental Protection Technology
    • Jinhua Zhongsheng Fiber Products
    • Tiantai Dingtian Packaging
    • Jiangsu Yopack Packaging Technology
    • Guangdong Easy Green Eco Packaging
    • Xuzhou Bien International Trade
    • Hubei Wheat-Straw Environmental Technology
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